food supplements

for pets

Human quality

Natural ingredients

Research – proven impact

Our mission

As owners, we all want to give our best to our little pets.

That’s why we decided to make the well-proven human-grade dietary supplements and active ingredient concentrates we use available to other pet owners as well.

Our goal is to contribute to the lifelong health of dogs and cats with our products.

Price: 27 EUR

Dr GanoPet organic ganoderma meal

For dogs and cats


Supporting regeneration processes, both in case of illness and old age


It also provides explosive vitality to elderly animals


More than 400 bioactive drugs with positive physiological effects


Made exclusively of natural materials


Researched effect that can be used safely

Why buy from us?


 All our products have a high concentration of active ingredients and are made from natural ingredients. Several of our products are of human quality.

Value for money

Our supplements are affordable for most owners in the long run.

Social responsibility

With each product you purchase, you also support the realization of our social project.

Our social project

Another goal of our company is to launch non-profit social projects that bring about a fundamental positive change in people’s lives.

From the profit of our company, for each purchased product, we allocate 100 HUF to a foundation, which serves the following purposes together:


  • Socially, existentially marginalized – even improving the living conditions of homeless people and families.
  • As well as an integrated solution for strayed, orphaned, saved dogs and cats.

About us

George Till

Co-owner, managing director

Thanks to my passion for biology and chemistry, I started to “develop” very creative and effective methods to increase the well-being of my cats. My goal was – and still is – to be able to live with them in health for at least 20 to 25 years.

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From 2017, I felt more and more that I definitely needed to move into that direction.

Then in early 2020, I irrevocably made the decision to start the company.

I financed the start-up capital of the company from a personal loan taken out during my last employment.

The last few weeks at my workplace had already gone so far as I knew: all the bridges behind me had to burn down in order to walk safely and without hesitation on this new path. Since then, I have slept less, waking up fresher in the morning and ready to take action and hurrying into the office more resolutely than I have ever been as a salesperson or just an employee. All the goals we work for drives me…

Katalin Soos

Co-owner, contact person, copywriter

During our joint work, I met George at a bank. It was then that he began to think seriously about becoming an entrepreneur, and at that time I became aware that I was absolutely not in my place, neither professionally nor as an employee…

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We sat in a cafe and started planning for the future. Company formation, social projects, animal welfare, advertising, writing, music, etc.

The story of Animal Welfare Products actually started there in that cafe…

I participate in the company as a contact person and copywriter. Ever since this company existed I have been much more determined and enthusiastic than ever. I still have many plans and goals. I am also currently studying PR to work as effectively as possible for the common goals, the mission of our company, the Animal Welfare Products.




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