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Datahandler: Animal Welfare Products LP (Registered office: 1238 Budapest, Templom St.107., 9.a, company registration number: 01-06-795510, tax number: 27331033-2-43, contact:


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Animal Welfare Products LP (Registered office: 1238 Budapest, Templom St. 107, 9.a, company registration number: 01-06-795510, tax number: 27331033-2-43, contact:, hereinafter: Service Provider) operates this website. This Privacy Statement (hereinafter referred to as the Declaration) falls within the scope that includes all the Websites operated by the Service Provider. The condition of use of this Website operated by the Sertvice Provider that you (hereinafter: User) reads and accepts this Statement in its entirety in advance content. By accessing the Website, the User acknowledges that it have read and agreed to the terms and conditions contained in this statement accepted as binding.

The User is free to use the Website, keeping the provisions of the Declaration, the User can visit for free without any personal information about the User. However, the Service Provider has certain information available on the Website the User may request personal information to view and use the services.



The provision of personal data on the Website is always voluntary and the legal basis for data managementthe User’s consent, which he/she provides when providing his/her data. The Website use of data management with data recorded during the visit to the Website acceptance of the provisions of the Declaration, and here consent to specific data processing. The registration, and personal information provided when ordering services the consent required for the management of the data subject by the registration or are given at the same time as the order. Data provided on the Website, or recorded personal data during a visit, are handled by the the Service Provider.


The Service Provider shall apply the provisions of the Declaration all in force provisions of Hungarian law concerning data management and data protection undertakes to comply with, in particular Act LXIII of 1992 on personal data protection and the disclosure of public data, Act CXIX of 1995 on the name and purpose of the research and direct acquisition; and address data management, Act VI of 1998 on the promulgation of Convention done at Strasbourg, 28 January 1981 on the protection of individuals during the processing of personal data, Act C of 2003 on the electronic communications, provisions of Act CVIII 2001 regulating certain issues of electronic commerce services, and information society services, as well as the recommendation of the privacy commissioner on certain aspects of Internet-related data processing.


Management of personal data recorded during the visit to the Website by the Service Provider is intended to operate the Website in an error-free and user-friendly manner improvement, monitoring the fulfillment of services and orders. Some data of the User’s computer is the website traffic data and to detect any errors that may occur are automatically logged both on the server side, and both the page third-party tracking codes built into your Google Analytics code – e.g., Google Analytics or using Facebook pixels. This information is in some cases personal data, but the Service Provider does not use them in any other way does not bind to data on the basis of which the User’s identity could be identified.


To view some of the information on the Website, personal information is not required. To view some information and some services certain personal information is required. In these cases, the Service Provider will inform the User before recording the data about the rules of data management or procures for data management which may be revoked at any time. The personal use of data in all cases when ordering the data subject deed based on a written statement. The Service Provider’s unique acces to the User’s contact details (e.g. email address, phone number) are internal only use and communication. In all cases where the data provided by the Service Provider is different from the purpose of the original data collection intends to use it for this purpose, it shall inform the User thereof and for this purpose obtains its prior consent or gives him the opportunity to: you will then withdraw your consent at any time.


The User is obliged to keep the password provided confidential. Inasmuch during the identification the User’s unique ID and password are correct after providing the User’s data to an unauthorized third party have been in their possession, the Service Provider for the resulting damages or disadvantages does not take responsibility. The Service Provider has the option for the User to ensure that registration services are available tomorrow (if any) after entering the unique ID and password access and modify the User’s own data.


The purpose of the processing of the above data is the identification necessary for the use of the service, fulfillment of the service or order, contact the User, and other activities listed in Section 2.11 of this Privacy Statement. The service provider uses the data outside the identification, at most use it for statistical purposes in an anonymised form.


The User is obliged to provide accurate and complete information to the questions in the data sheet on during the order, or during registration. The data provided by the User is untrue or incomplete inaccuracies or the terms of this Statement or applicable in case of violation of legal regulations, the Service Provider has the right to partially or completely suspend or terminate the User’s access.


Other personal information in connection with your order or registration the person transmitting such personal data shall be liable to the responsibility for data management (including data transmission, and the Service Provider personal data processing operations) consent and the information necessary for lawful data processing granting. Please note that it is shared with other people’s personal information abuse is illegal, and in case of abuse, the Service Provider shall apply to take the legal action required by law.


The protection of the personal data provided by the User is of paramount importance for the service provider. The Service Provider has delivered it to it via the Internet, it treats all data with the same protection as it does in any other way would have been made available to it. If the User is any personal voluntarily provides his/her data to the Service Provider, thereby giving his/her consent to that it is determined by the Service Provider by the nature of the given service record and manage for that purpose and for a period of time.


Personal data managed by Service Provider, provides to third parties, is required by law or an enforceable court or official regulation, except in mandatory cases or without the consent of the data subject under no circumstances it will be transmitted. The Service Provider is provided by the User data and information provided, especially, but not exclusively, he/she can use for the following purposes below: market research, market analysis, analysis of customer habits, attendance statistics, order management, services fulfillment, providing information on new services, marketing activities, informing users about current changes, promotions, opportunities.


The Service Provider shall identify the User, his/her data, business relations with the Service Provider, all information relating to business, it handles as a secret. From being treated as a trade secret only concerned the data provider may grant an exemption, or the Service Provider, the legal framework- in compliance with Info Decree CXII of 2011, the competent authorities empowered to do so upon request, you may release data in accordance with legal requirements.


Unauthorized use and related to the personal data processed to avoid abuses, the Service Provider applies technical and operational security measures. Security procedures on a regular basismonitor and develop in line with technological developments. The Service Provider at the same time, states that any attack on the system, for database corruption, data theft, or unauthorized intrusion it cannot be held liable for any other damage.



The User may change or request the correction of his data at any time at the specified contact(s) and mode(s).


The User may delete his personal data, with the exception of mandatory data management or request the deletion or blocking of your personal information for each on websites, services, in the specified contact(s) and mode(s) (e.g. by email). In some cases, premature deletion of personal data equivalent to a loss of entitlement.


The User’s personal data will be deleted if their handling is suspected unlawful, the purpose of the processing has ceased or the storage of the data statutory time limit has expired, it shall be submitted to the court or to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority ordered or if the data processing incomplete or incorrect – and this condition cannot be legally remedied – provided that that cancellation is not precluded by law.


Direct business acquisition or marketing inquiries containing advertising consent to send data by type of request (e.g. newsletter) separately at any time without restriction or justification, free of charge can be revoked at the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the letters. Customer relationship data management cannot be terminated until legislation imposes an obligation to handle data.


The User is entitled to request information with the given Service at any time personal information processed in connection with it at


At the request of the User, the Service Provider provides information to the User managed by it in connection with the given Service, or the data processed by the data controller entrusted by him, their source, the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing, the data processor name, address, its activities in relation to data processing, the legal basis for the transfer of data and recipient of.


The User may object to the processing of his / her personal data if:

processing of personal data or its transmission is exclusively legal for the Service Provider obligation or the necessary to enforce the legitimate interest of the data controller, data recipient, except the case of mandatory data management, use of personal data or forwarding direct business acquisition, polling or for scientific research.


If the data processing is ordered by law, the data controller will not use the User’s data, it can delete it, but it will not transfer the personal data.


Official remedy:

any data subject involved in the processing of their personal data in the case of an alleged violation of law to the competent court in the capital of the Capital The National Court may also apply to a tribunal or initiate an investigation Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (Chairman: Dr. Attila Péterfalvi, 1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet avenue 22 / C., Electronic contact:, telephone contact: + 36-1-3911400, web availability:



The provisions of Hungarian law apply to the provisions contained in the Privacy Statement prevail. If, in the event of a dispute, the parties can’t agree out of court, settlement of disputes happens before Hungarian courts with competence and jurisdiction.


The Service Provider shall comply with the provisions of this Privacy Statement a at any time within the framework of the relevant legislation, which changes are acknowledged by the User by opening the Website recognizes it as mandatory.



Disclosure happens only with the prior consent of the User.


No data will be transferred to a third party.