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Dr GanoPet organic ganoderma meal

Ganoderma lucidum (also known as Sealing Wax Mushroom, Reishi, or Ling Zhi) is an ancient, healing plant that can help preserve and improve the health of our pets.

For dogs and cats


Supporting regeneration processes, both in case of illness and old age


It also provides explosive vitality to elderly animals


More than 400 bioactive drugs with positive physiological effects


Made exclusively of natural materials


Researched effect that can be used safely

Positive effects of ganoderma


Supports regeneration processes


It supports the functioning of the immune system


It supports the healthy functioning of the liver, detoxification processes


It can reduce the risk of inflammatory processes


It supports the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system


Reduces the risk of infections


It can relieve the effects of stress


It can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance


May reduce the risk of asthma and allergic diseases, positively influence their course


It can have a good effect on the functioning of our nervous system

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So far, more than 400 health-friendly, bioactive phytochemicals with positive physiological effects have been identified in Ganoderma.

  • β-glucans / 6 types /
  • triterpenes and triterpenoids (steroid-like molecules: ganoderic acids, saponins, ergosterol, lannostanoids, etc.)
  • vitamins: D2, B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), pantothenic acid
  • glycopeptides and heteropolysaccharides
  • nucleosides (adenosine, uridine)
  • antioxidants (polyphenols, hydroxycinnamic and benzoic acids)
  • coumarin
  • unsaturated fatty acids
  • the unique, special constituents of ganoderma are organic germanium compounds


Scientific results and experience show that Ganoderma lucidum is a “non-energy-transferring”, nutrient-rich, immunomodulatory mixture, mainly without side effects, due to its special beta- (1,3) (1,6) -D-glucan polysaccharide content, it can positively affect the functioning of the immune system.

Ganoderma is a polysaccharide, glycoprotein, triterpene and triterpenoid, respectively, or polyphenol components can contribute to the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system through a number of mechanisms.

Several scientific studies support the positive effect of the polysaccharide components of medicinal mushrooms, such as ganoderma, on the water balance of the skin, improving the health of the skin and slowing down the aging process. The triterpene and triterpenoid components of ganoderma also play a role in positive immunomodulatory effects, in the positive influence of humoral processes, in the regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar levels. In addition, ganoderma can positively affect brain processes and slow down age-dependent degenerative conditions. Data also demonstrate a healthy effect on acid-base balance.

Ganoderma is characterized by a particularly high (3000-6000ppm) content of organic germanium, which plays an important role in the positive regulation of the body’s oxygen supply (blood, tissues, etc.). Organic germanium increases the oxygen saturation of the blood, promotes the transport of oxygen into tissues and its entry into the interior of cells, and plays a role in the optimal functioning of certain enzymes. Its antioxidant effect helps to maintain the balance of certain ions (e.g. calcium, sodium, chlorine).

The components of the fungus also show characteristic antioxidant, free radical scavenging, DNA-protecting properties.

10 things you should know about Ganoderma

1. Effective antioxidant

2. Rich in trace elements: K, Ca, Mg, P, Zn, Fe, Se, Mn, Cu, Co, Ge

3. Vitamins in Ganoderma:

  1. Vitamin D (the only plant sources are fungi, as their ergosterol content can be converted to vitamin D by light)
  2. B2 (riboflavin)
  3. B3 (niacin)
  4. B12 (only mushrooms are the plant source)

4. Its main anticancer agents are triterpenoids and polysaccharides (β-glucans).

5. So far, more than 400 compounds have been identified / isolated in Ganoderma.

6. Its unique, special ingredients are organic germanium compounds. Increases the oxygen saturation of the blood and muscles.

7. The first fungus known to have a gene map: 1260 genes on 13 chromosomes.

8. Ganoderma is a “non-energy-giving” mixture of nutrient-rich immunological.

9. Revitalizing, anti-aging effect. The glycopeptides and polysaccharides of Ganoderma delay aging by several mechanisms.

10. This mushroom is held in such high esteem that there is a complete mural of Ganoderma in the Summer Imperial Palace of the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Ganoderma and tumors

Based on the scientific studies and practical experience available until 2014, the use of Ganoderma as an adjunct therapy in cancer patients should be considered in the following areas:

1) By supporting the immune system, it can strengthen the defenses of our body’s immune system, thus helping to protect us from the formation and growth of tumor cells.

2) It can also be used with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as clinical trials have shown that it relieves patients’ tiredness, loss of appetite and reduces the risk of developing infections. It can improve the quality of life of cancer patients, alleviate fatigue and sleep disorders, thus contributing to a longer and happier life.

In recent years, there have also been countless patient experiences with ganoderma, which is often more important to us than scientific research!

Research results

Immune system support effect

Improving quality of life as adjunctive therapy for cancer patients:


Cardiovascular effects

In 2012, a scientific study also showed that substances in the mycelium of ganoderma also have an inhibitory effect on ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) and can thus lower blood pressure. ACE inhibitors are one of the best known and most widely used classes of antihypertensive drugs that exert their effects through inhibition of this enzyme.

Experience to date has also shown that blood fat levels (cholesterol) in ganoderma users are also declining. It also has a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Several animal experimental results were released, but these facts could only be supported by human clinical trial results in 2012.

Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar lowering effect:

Effects on the nervous system

It supports sleep, relieves anxiety and helps with concentration

Other researches




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