Our social project

The aim of our project

What we set out to do with our business goes far beyond ourselves and the company:
Our mission is to launch non-profit social projects that induce and catalyze fundamental positive change in people’s lives.

In Hungary animal housing and attitudes towards animals are in such a bad position that municipal and civil shelters are hundreds of percent overburdened with dogs and cats awaiting anesthesia or often taken to irresponsible animal keepers.

In addition, tens of thousands of people live in existentially deep poverty, in a hopeless labor market situation, many of them are homeless.

Our goal is to help both camps at the same time: unowned and expelled dogs and cats, as well as people on the periphery who are often homeless but want to do for themselves.

Our solution

We find that dealing with animals is a factor in people’s lives that can fundamentally and positively change a person’s relationship to themselves and then over time to society.

We want to create centers that provide the following:

Living space

Living space for unowned dogs and cats

Workplace and home

Long-term and stable job, and a residential home for people in need

Provides sought after services

Cat cafe, therapeutic cohabitation and activities with animals, cat- dog hotel, dog agility with the residents of the animal shelter, etc….

100% of the revenues from the above services, on a non-profit basis, remain within the framework of the institution, which we spend on animal care, staff salaries and institutional infrastructure.

Support us

From our company’s profit, we place 100 HUF on a separate account for each product purchased.

The purpose of this account is to raise founding capital for a foundation to be established to implement the above project.

With every product you buy, you also contribute to this goal.

If you can help us in any other way, please contact us at the contact details below!





+36 30 327 9555



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